Monday, 12 November 2012

From Man to Man Review

From Man to Man

 Summary: ‘I’ve traded my old enemies for just this one…’ The axe thundered home. ‘I miss the old ones.’

Every man has a past, none more so than Draven Reinhardt. Abandoning his old life to settle down as a villager, he struggles to fit in, let alone hold down a job. When opportunity offers the much needed coin, Draven is torn between a promise and a purpose.

But, what’s one last job if you’ve already got blood on your hands?

‘From Man to Man’ is the story of how one man can change – or not – for the best. Prequel to the upcoming novel ‘It Began With Ashes’, the short (6400 words) introduces the reader to a world of suspense, intrigue, and action.

Rating: ♥♥♥
Review: I was given a free review copy of this short story by the author in exchange for a review. (Thank you!)

D. E. M. Emrys has a great style of writing and it really comes through in this debut piece. It was very flowing and well-written.

This short story is a prequel to "It Began with Ashes." I found that it started out, perhaps, a bit too slow and just a tad confusing but as it got going, it got alot better! I was introduced to more characters that really pulled the story together and made it enjoyable.

There's an entertaining fight scene at the end - a couple gory bits but hey! What good fight scene doesn't have some gore?

Overall this was a very quick, enjoyable read and it definitely introduces the reader to what promises to be an exciting hero and an even more exciting novel. I'm interested to find out what Emrys plans to do with this...

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