Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Letters to Merle Blog Hop-Spread the Love!

Letters to Merle Blog Hop-Spread the Love!

GO TO: http://shadowkissedcassie.blogspot.com/2012/02/letters-to-merle-blog-hop-spread-love.html

Send eCards to joycegibson55@yahoo.com (Subject Line, Letters to Merle Birthday Card) Joyce is Merle's sister and she will print them out and give them to him. If you are generous enough to send a card to Merle via snail mail, send them to 409 E. Oak North English Iowa 52316

In honor of Spreading Love during February, I am asking you to participate in the Letters To Merle Blog Hop!

Merle is a loving brother, uncle, and friend who also lives with down syndrome. Merle is turning 50 on February 10th which is not only a great achievement for someone with the condition but also an inspiring story because Merle has surpassed doctors expectations from an early age!

Merle's family is throwing him a Card Shower for his birthday, and this is where you come in! We will be asking on February 8th (when the blog hop starts) to send letters to Merle via snail mail or email. It would make his day and be amazing to shower Merle in praise from cards all around the world throughout the whole month of February!
Everyone with down syndrome or disabilities live a life we could never imagine and overcome great obstacles everyday. As part of this blog hop I would like you to spread the word about a disability of your choice to raise awareness and help others understand so maybe we could spread more love and less judgment.

PLease please please join this hop guys! It's such a sweet cause and I think everyone should participate! :)


  1. Thank you so much for posting! It means the world to me and Merle! He has already gotten over 45 cards and I hope they keep coming :)

  2. Read about how well the hop went and thank you soo much for joining! http://shadowkissedcassie.blogspot.com/2012/02/letters-to-merle-blog-hop-wrap-up-post.html