Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Kissing Tree Review

Thank you so much Cedar Fort for the review copy!

Summary: After five long years, Georgiana McLaughlin returns to the only place she's ever considered home the same place she stole a kiss from Ridge Carson under the "kissing tree." But this time he's a man, and reconciling their past is just the beginning. You'll find yourself applauding each new chapter filled with fun, romance, and adventure in this captivating, heartfelt tale of love, friendship, and finding your way back.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Cover: 4/5 I just love it! :D

Review: This book was absolutely amazing! I have no word of complaint becuase it was just... perfect!

When I first received this book in the mail, I'm not going to lie - I really wasn't sure I'd be that interested. But thank the lord I read it! :p I honestly haven't read such a touching romance novel in a long time so this was such a nice change! The characters were sassy, funny, and just all around great! The plot had everything and more!

This book even had a totally awesome adventure part near the end! I'm not kidding - it was so cool! I can't say anything about said adventure because it gives away a lot, so I'll just say read it - you will NOT be disappointed!

I absolutely loved Georgiana! She was such a great character to read about with her temper tantrums and snide remarks :p And Ridge... oh Ridge :p Definitely my new book boyfriend! There were other characters (obviouslY :D) but these two main characters were just perfect!

The end of The Kissing Tree made me cry - because it was so happy! That doesn't happen often, so boy was I surprised. But I actually went to bed bawling my eyes out because it was aboslute perfection! Honestly, I could not have asked for a better ending!

Overall, this book was amazing! I know I've said that a million times in this review (I also know that this review is kinda scrambled) but that's because I'm honestly at a loss for words! The only thing I can say for sure is that any romance fans can skip the library and head straight to the book store for this one :D

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  1. I agree completely with your review! I absolutely loved this book! I was trying to find anywhere I could write something about it! I would love to get this book to catch fire!