Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Elixir Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Cover: 4/5 cover is pretty cool. not sure if i like that Hilary herself is on it, not because i dont like her (i do :p), but because i just dont think an author should him or herself on their cover but other than that, very pretty and unique and works perfectly with the book!

Review: When I first heard that Hilary Duff had writeen a book, I was skeptical as to how good it would be. I know that doesn't sound very nice, but she's a singer and actress and I just wasn't sure how "author" would be her next title. However, after reading this book, all my doupts vanished! I thought Elixir was an awesome book! I found it was written a bit...simply, I guess is the word... but like I said, as a singer/actress, her debut novel was pretty good. I loved how she took the rather unoriginal idea of a love triangle and the reincarnation of one member in a relationship, and made it completely unique!

The book was full of love, excitement, adventure, and friendship! Just the kind of book I love :D It was a pleasure to read, and I actually finished the whole thing in just over a day! Great from start to finish, Elixir should definitely be next up on your to-read list! :p


  1. Great review! The fact that Hilary wrote it would kind of make me leery too, but I'm glad you liked it :) I'll have to add it to my wish list. I found your link on Goodreads, great to meet new friends :)

  2. I loved this book! I was one of the BIGGEST Hilary Duff fans growing up, so when i heard she wrote a book I was like, "OMG I have to have it!" LOL. I got to go to one of her signings in my area, and she was really nice. I was pretty freaked out meeting my idol from my childhood. But I do remember being one of the only ones at the time to have read the book, everyone in line was asking me "What's it about?" haha. Hilary told "Enjoy!" And I was able to squeak out, "Oh, I already read it!". She seemed surprised haha. But said, "Oh awesome! I hope you liked it!" LOL, it was pretty awesome memory of mine! I've always looked up to her. It's weird how she's expecting her first child now, it makes me feel so old!

  3. Haha thank you! She is just amazing!