Thursday, 16 June 2011


Hey! So this is my blog. I've never had a blog before so i'm just kinda wingin it! :p I guess i'll start by saying some stuff about me! soooo... im 16 years old going to Grade 11 in september. i love books, movies, tv, and music.
Favorite Artists: i could go on forever so i'll just put my top few... Eminem, Avril Lavigne, and Katy Perry
Favorite Movies: again theres alot so... Beastly, Might Joe Young, Harry Potter, all disney and barbie movies (ya i kno im a dork : D), Country Strong, Dear John, The Last Song, The Blind Side, and The Proposal
Favorite TV show: The Vampire Diaries, Hellcats and alot of reality tv shows like say yes to the dress, my big fat gypsy wedding and toddlers and tiaras
Favorite Books: ok so i could fill hundreds of pages of my favorite books :p i'll just say my two fav authors are sarah dessen and l.j. smith :D
and..... ya thats about it for now!

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